Finally, the day hs arrived. Today we are going to present our hard work that we have done during the whole semester. i was excited and cannot wait to do the presentation and of course to watch other group presentation. That day was awesomeeee. We present our video and poster on that day. No need for words I think, I’m just going to show you the pictures of tha awesomematic days… hahaha..

Here is our group poster!! NICE!!

Here is our group poster!! NICE!!




FUTORAMA FILMS GROUP (my group) alongside Ummi and Mr. Helmi. :-)

FUTORAMA FILMS GROUP (my group) alongside Ummi and Mr. Helmi. 🙂

Well. All good things must come to an end and this week class is our last class. Not a bad way to end the class huh.. haha. Here I want to say thank you to Umii and all the facilitators that teaches us for the whole sem and also sorry if i have make any mistakes during the whole time I was taking the course ( especially sorry for always coming late to class). I’m really going to miss this class. What a wonderful journey it has been. Gudbye all.. until we meet again.

until we meet again... :-)

until we meet again… 🙂


Reflection 13

Hello. I was really looking forward to this week class. Why? Because today we are going to learn about adobe photoshop. I’ve been using photoshop for a long time but there is still a lot to klearn about it.

We can do alot of thing to our pictures using photoshop. The most interesting one is when Mr. Helmi teach us how to make the backgroud of our photo becam blur. It was realyy interesting. Hrer is a video tutorailk to do that.

Reflection 12 Casper??? o_0

Hello guys. This week we learn about adobe premier, adobe soundboth and the most mysterious is Casper. Well the only Casper that I know before this is the cartoon show when I was still a kid. So what is Casper actually.

Casper is the principle of design.Layout design in electronic presentation such as power point, refers to the skill used to arrange media in the slide in order to produce an attractive presentation. Each word is CASPER stands for something and has their own meaning.

1. C-Contrast – functions to stress on certain things & avoid overlapping ( font size, font type, line, color, graphics )

2. A-Alignment – balancing the element of presentation with screen size ( left, centre, right, justify)

3. S-Simplicity – makes project more attractive ( simple graphic & animation )

4. P-Proximity – Gestalt theory

5. E-Emphasis – what to focus in slide ( text size & object, text shape and object )

6. R-Repetition – standardization in order to help conveying the message to the audience(background, font size, font type )

After that, Mr. Helmi teach us adobe premier pro and soundbooth. Permiere pro is a video editing software. It is the same with Movie Maker but it have more features in it.


While adobe soundbooth is sound editing system. we can edit sound for example we can reduce the noise in the sound. It is used primarily by video editors and web designers to perform tasks like removing unwanted noise from animations or films, editing voiceovers, adding musical scores or changing the sound or speed of music, explains Adobe. The program is designed for individuals who are not experts in audio recording technology.

used primarily by video editors and web designers to perform tasks like removing unwanted noise from animations or films, editing voiceovers, adding musical scores or changing the sound or speed of music, explains Adobe. The program is designed for individuals who are not experts in audio recording technology.


Reflection 11


hello. this week i managed to arrive at the class before it starts. Yeahhh. So our class begins with madam Khazrati explain to us about the Edu technovation Day. She told us what we have to prepare for that day. Basically this is what we have to do :
1. Video
2. Poster
3. Group blog (insert the process, step by step of making the video)
4. Story board
5. All in powerpoint slides show.

After that we learn about Windows Movie Maker from En. Helmi. He tell us how to make and edit video using this movie maker also the effect that we can do.


Reflection 10


Hello guys. This week each of the group member have to present our draft or video that we have done. We show our first video draft to Mr. Helmi and Pn. Khazrati. i havent seen the draft video yet so i was excited to see it and was hoping to get a good reaction from Mr. Helmi and pn. Khazrati. Thank goodness we good a good reaction from them. They also give some advice how to improve the video. Here is our video. Enjoyy!!!

Reflection 7, 8 & 9

Hello. Its me again. Well today class is fun as usual. Today we were informed that we are going to do our presentation on our last class that is on week 14. We will be presenting on Edutechnovation Day where all other lecturers including our dean Dr. Lilia. Well, I’ve having trouble presenting in front of the class for a while and now I have to present in front of our dean. But one must do what he have to do. (haha.. over gilerr). Enough of that. Today me and my group member sit together as always and start discussing and doing our final preparation on our video. After a lot of talking we decided to go to Broga Hill next week when our mid-sem break over. And because none of us have any type of transportation whatsoever, we decided to rent a car.

Mr. Helmi anad Pn. Khazrati also tells us what we have to include in the video. They said that we must have a clear storyline and what is more important that we must make sure that the message that we want to deliver can be understand by the audience.

Also today we learn a little bit about Adobe photoshop, adobe premier pro and adobe soundbooth. Well I’ve been using adobe phototshop for a while now but this is the first tinme i heard about premiere pro and soundbooth. Since I was into this kind of stuff I am very eager and cannot wait to try this software on my own.

Also during the midsem weekend me and my friend have gone to Broga Hill in order to complete our video. Unfortunately one of my group member Kak Ika cannot join us because he got some urgent things back at home. So, on that day we start our journey to Broga Hill at 3 a.m. Well it could be earlier but thanks to my sleepyhead I ended up making people waiting for me (sorry farra). We drive and arrive there at 4.30 a.m. After doing some streching and some preparations we begin our journey at 4.45 a.m. and I said to myself this is it. At first it was easy like walking on a flat road but letter it became more steep and harder for us to hike. After a long hard hiking we arrive at the first peak. And of course the exhausted starting to kick in. I almost give up (err.. btw… sorry for all the cursing guys.. hehe) but with the help from my friend i managed to continue. We walk and doing interview along the way. We arrived at the second peak and decided to take a breath. After that we continue our hiking and finally arrive at the peak and I was glad. We arrive there around 6 a.m. As iwas standing at the peak the I was mesmerized by the view. It was so beautiful and it was worth it. We take a spot and start taking pictures. While some of us start doing some more interview, i was enjoying the nature and cannot wait for the sunrise. And when the sunrise came I tell you, it was AWESOME!!!. My first time viewing a sunrise from the top of a hill. Around 8.30 we start going down and manage to arrived at the foothills around 9.00 a.m and after taking enough rest we immediately drive and find a place to eat and after that staright home. Well that weekend is a great weekend and although i said that that is the last time I’m going to hike, a part of me is telling I should go again 🙂



Reflection 6

Hello again. Today we start the class with a little recap from Pn Khazrati about Instructional Design that we learn last week.

After that, we were told to do our storyboard about our project video to be presented in front of the class and of course to En. Helmi and Pn. Khazrati. We change our project theme from tourism to healthy lifestyle as tourism will cost us alot of money (although i really want to do that).

Our project healthy lifestyle focus on the typical way on how malaysia live their life and what they should change. Also we focus on outdoor activities. So, to show one of the outddor activities we choose to do some climbing. Yes a hiking at Broga Hill. Frankly I’m not a big fan of that idea because i am one of those typical malaysian people who rather sleep at home than doing some hiking. nonetheless, we still go for that idea and a little bit of me wer eager to do that.

After that, Ummi told us that we are going to do some video kind of reflection about our opinion on hybrid learning. but before that, its eating time. Ummi prepared for us some food and after that we start doing the recording. Well since it is a spontaneous reording, I dont have a clue what so ever on what to say and never thought I’m gonna be shy in frony=t of the camera. hahaha.. but we managed to complete the recording and as always today class was AWESOME!!!!